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Content The German Society for Corrosion Protection (GfKORR e.V.) has set itself the aim of minimising the occurrence of corrosion damage in Germany through education. For this purpose, Korrosionum events are held annually and this one focusses on minimising corrosion and corrosion damage to electronic assemblies. Drawing on a broad, interdisciplinary knowledge the subject presented have been collected specifically for electronic assembly manufacturers.
The lecture programme will provide information on the application limits of the individual materials used in electronics and on the expected impacts of the environment. Corrosion failures in electronics are not exclusively limited to clearly detectable materials deteriorations but are primarily caused by electrical malfunctions based on the electronic conductivity of the corrosion products.
The aim of this Korrosionum is to inform attendees about corrosion problems that may be encountered and to provide guidance on how to solve them.
Target Groups Electronic manufacturers: quality assurance, process technology, environmental testing laboratory, analytics, production technology
Electronic users: automotive electronics, industrial electronics, renewable energies, aerospace and railway technology
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Registration fees (no VAT requested according to § 4.22 UStG) :
Members of GfKORR:  680.- €
Non-Members:  720.- €
Pensioners: 200.- €
Students (under 30 years): 80.- €

The registration fees include the presentation slides.

Registration deadline: 27 May 2024

Organisers Host: GfKORR e.V.

In cooperation with the Zestron Academy and SMTA

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