GfKORR - Society for Corrosion Protection is a federation of corrosion experts from industry and academia working in all fields of corrosion science with the aim of avoiding corrosion and its negative consequences.

The costs of corrosion amount to about 4% of the gross domestic product of industrialized countries. Not only are the direct costs of corrosion damage significant but also, to a large extent, costs resulting from loss of production and time.

Therefore the work of GfKORR is devoted to the support of corrosion research and the dissemination of knowledge of corrosion protection in all relevant fields.

GfKORR was founded in 1995 as a merger of VDKORR - 'Verein Deutscher Korrosionsfachleute e.V.', and 'AGK-Gesellschaft für Korrosion und Korrosionsschutz e.V.'. Thus, GfKORR carries forward the long tradition of society-based activities and initiatives in corrosion control in Germany dating back to 1931, the year of the foundation of the AGK.

GfKORR is a member of the EFC - European Federation of Corrosion and of the WCO - The World Corrosion Organization
In Germany GfKORR is a member of the AiF (German Federation of Industrial Research Associations) and member of the KKF (Board of Trustees for Corrosion Research).

GfKORR represents the interests of its members at national and international levels. The society takes an active part in drawing up national and international standards and supports its members in the application for and realisation of cooperative industrial research projects.

GfKORR fosters the dissemination of knowledge about corrosion and corrosion protection by organizing conferences, seminars and workshops.